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Slim Away Reviews - The Truth About Slim Away

When I saw the Slim Away belt on TV and read the Slim Away reviews I had to buy one just to see if it really worked. What I found out shocked me!

I could not believe all the rave Slim Away reviews I was reading. It seemed like everyone who bought the Slim Away garment loved it. It didn’t make sense to me.

From what I could tell it was nothing more then a modern day corset. What made it so special that it immediately because a huge sensation? I read testimonial after testimonial of men and women saying they had tried to lose weight or they were losing weight but slowly but wanted to fit into their clothes better. They bought the Slim Away belt and they not only slipped into their pants, shirts and dresses easier but they looked like they had lost 20 pounds. I thought if I can look like I lost 20 pounds while working on losing 20 pounds then it was worth $10.

Well, the the Slim Away reviews and testimonials were true. When my two Slim Away belts arrived I immediately slipped one on and took a look in the mirror. I did look like I had lost 20 pounds.

I had to go to a dinner party that night so I decided to wear it and see if anyone noticed and if it was comfortable or if I felt like I was being squeezed in half. I didn’t get two feet into the door when Rachel yelled out across the room, “Janet, have you lost weight?!” Everyone turned and looked. I hadn’t lost weight but everyone said I looked like I had lost 20 pounds. I loved it!

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What was really exciting, besides looking thnner, was the Slim Away was so comfortable I forgot I was even wearing it. That night when I was undressing I realized I still had it on. It wasn’t like any corset I had worn before. Nothing bulged. My clothes were smooth. It was very comfortable.

I don’t know if I will tell my friends that I was wearing and am wearing the Slim Away belt but wearing it and getting all the complements sure has motivated me to lose some weight. I know when I do I’ll feel healthier too. Until then I’ll keep on wearing my Slim Away belt and thanking everyone for their kind comments.

If you need to look thinner fast or you can’t quite fit into your favorite jeans or dress and you might want to give the Slim Away garment a try. I ordered two so I could always have a clean one if one of them is in the wash. For $10 it is really worth trying.

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